Server Status

Click here for a current server status report for Easytigernet hosting accounts.

Hosting or E-mail Problems

We take your domain and hosting seriously and to help us keep up to date let us know if their are any faults arising so we can deal with them as soon as possible. Notify us of any problems with hosting or e-mails by forwarding them to the following e-mail:

  (notification will go straight to the hosting manager.)

Site Check

Please contact us on 07950 836488 for information about sites under construction, or website queries thank you.

Registering Your Domain Name & Hosting

EasyTigernet sets up clients domain names and hosting with a reputable and reliable supplier and invoices on a yearly basis for a nominal handling fee. This ensures your site never expires by accident, you are very unlikely to have any down time, and you don’t have to remember when to update it!

A standard rate hosting package comes with up to 10 free e-mail accounts that match your domain name, and we offer technical support for setting up and maintaining e-mail accounts yourself, or a paid service for setting up on site.

We also offer web statistical analysis as a complimentary service when updating your website.

If you are unsure if the domain you require is available we can check it out for you. Please contact us for information and advice on the best hosting solution for your business before you purchase.

Client Log-in

Contact us for your web-mail or control panel log-in details.