Thinking About Creating a New Web Site?

The following is a guide of some of the things you will be thinking about if you are looking into starting a new web site for you or your company for the first time. This also includes a handy list of some of the content you will need to provide should you commission a site from us.

If this is your first web site I would strongly recommend you read all the details and start to think about the sort of site you require, how many pages will it be, and what is the information you want to include, then get in contact with us… and we’ll do the rest!

If you are in need of any further advice or would like a quote for a site contact

Updating Your Existing Site?

You may be an old hand at commissioning sites, or you may have been unhappy with the results you got from a previous site you commissioned, if so read on. The web site is only as good as the content, easytigernet can offer you help and support in creating your content if needed, and offer photography services to help you get the best visuals for your site!

Which Url?

Most major search engines have a search for availability of your domain name, it’s worth having a look at what’s available, and if you’re stuck for ideas, there are ‘name generators’ that can give you a helping hand.

Deciding on a .com or – These days international search engines offer preference to suffixes when listing ‘sites in the uk,’ followed by a UK IP address, absence of one or both of these will mean listings only appear on global search results. (Great if you are a global business, not so great if you have a .com hosted in the US to promote a UK business.)

There is of course an ever growing number of other dot suffixes available including .net .tv .gov (generally local government sites) .edu (educational sites such as universities.) Again as long as the IP address is in the UK, a UK search engine listing should follow.

Length of domain name should be a consideration if you are using domain related e-mail addresses, so stay away from!

I Have The Name, Now What Else Shall I Put On My Site?

  • Think about what your customer/client is looking for when they search the web
  • A catchy domain name they can remember easily
  • Where are you based
  • How easy is it to get in touch
  • What are the services or products you offer
  • How much are they
  • Ease of use
  • What is my Company Image on the Web?

  • A reliable and honest looking company
  • Up to date technology
  • Corporate logos and colours
  • Friendly and approachable
  • Aimed at a particular age group or demographic
  • What Style of Site do I Need?

    There are many options for websites. We are now creating CMS (content managed sites) based on the WordPress system, which allow clients to log-in and update their site, allow additional users for staff mamebers and we also offer training to update your site.

    If you would like a smaller simple site we off the chance to add RSS feed from your blog or facebook page to allow you to update areas of your site simply and quickly. Training is available for this alos.

    We can also offer multimedia solutions including Flash Animation and Video, talk to us today about your multimedia project needs.

    All sites are custom designed to your specifications using CSS.

    The aim is for each web page is to be as functional and good-looking as possible, whilst maintaining the efficient loading time and ease of use.

    So What Do You Need to Create a Great Site?

    Here’s a list of some of the things that will help the speedy creation of your web site…

  • A High quality logo
  • Photos of the business, people or products on offer
  • Brochures/stationary that give a feel for the company’s image
  • Introduction – who are you? What services do you offer? Where are you based and how long have you been there? What is your company policy or mission statement?
  • Details on services/products on offer, why go to your company? What you offer that no one else does, your USP or Unique Selling Point
  • The product – photos/details of products on offer, price lists
  • Contact details – Who to contact about buying/selling/information, addresses, telephone, fax, e-mail
  • Small Print – Are there any legal ramifications of the business you are offering on the net? If so include them here!
  • Keep it up to Date!

    One final point, in the stampede to get on the internet almost everyone has a site of some description these days. If your site has been around for a while, give it a health check, do all the links work? Is the information still up to date? In most cases a site that doesn’t work is more irritating than not being able to find a site, so if your site is in need of a spring clean e-mail us now!